Taking Care of Teachers

Before I became active in politics, I was a high school math teacher, so I know first hand the challenges teachers face finding affordable housing. In fact, the high costs of rent and transportation are exactly what drove me to become politically active.

I am thrilled that this year there will be two measures before the voters designed to help teachers afford to stay in San Francisco and continue to teach at our public schools.

San Francisco public school teachers are some of the lowest paid in California, and housing costs are the highest. This is why every year, the school district struggles to make sure there are enough teachers to teach our kids.

This year, the United Educators of San Francisco are running a ballot measure to increase teacher pay (sign up here to help out). In addition, the YIMBY Party is running a ballot measure to make it faster, cheaper and easier to build teacher housing (for more information visit prop.yimbyaction.org).

This year voters will have the opportunity to increase teacher pay, and increase the amount of housing available for teachers. We must pass both of these measures. Secure teachers are good teachers. Good teachers are the foundation of a quality school system. A quality school system ensures a well functioning city with opportunity for all.

We can’t win this election without your help!

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