Protecting Neighborhood Serving Business

As San Francisco changes, we have to be thoughtful about the needs of existing residents. In particular, the city should carefully consider how to ensure that long term residents can continue to access essential services like groceries and laundry facilitates.

Laundromats are an essential neighborhood serving businesses and the city is losing them steadily, often for reasons beyond the city’s control. People who don’t have their own in-unit laundry services - and will never get them because the building they live in is too old - rely on neighborhood laundromats.

Tomorrow the Planning Commission will be considering an application for discretionary review that I filed. The landlords of Little Hollywood laundromat are asking for a change of use permit, so that Little Hollywood Laundromat can be turned into a restaurant.

I'm asking the Planning Commission to oppose this proposed change of use, because closing the laundromat would be a hardship for the residents that rely on it and use it.

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