Meet Sonja Trauss

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA, where I first got involved in local politics. My mother was a labor and delivery nurse, and my dad was a legal aid attorney, representing the city's most vulnerable in civil proceedings.

I went to Temple University, and after I graduated started working for my local Neighborhood Advisory Committee, where I first learned about the mechanics of municipal government. My job was to provide constituent services and to effectively represent my community's needs to our city councilman.

During the financial crisis, I worked as a paralegal for Philadelphia Legal Assistance, helping to defend low income homeowners from foreclosure.

In 2009, I started a PhD in economics at Washington University in St. Louis. After two years, I realized that wasn't the right goal for me and left with a master's degree.

I moved to the Bay in 2011 to help care for my cousin during her chemotherapy, and found work teaching high school and college math.

I've always been a renter -- in El Cerrito and West Oakland, and now in SoMa with my husband Ethan, our newborn son Anton, and our dog Octavia. When I lived in the East Bay, I was commuting all the way back and forth from San Bruno to San Rafael. So the Bay Area's housing and transit issues have always been very real for me.

I started the San Francisco Bay Area Renters’ Federation in 2014 because I saw an anti-growth, anti-newcomer mindset driving housing prices higher in the Bay. Higher housing prices displace many of the most vulnerable long-term residents, make it harder for people to move here, and increase the cost of living for everyone. SFBARF has been nationally recognized as a pioneer in the YIMBY movement to densify our cities, and drive housing prices lower by increasing the number of available houses.

I'm running for supervisor now because I want to raise my son in a neighborhood that's greener, denser, more pedestrian-friendly, cleaner, and more welcoming for everyone, regardless of their origins or present condition. I want to help preserve, strengthen, and pass on San Francisco's values while making sure that our city has a future that's inclusive and livable.

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