Safe and Clean Streets

District 6 has welcomed tens of thousands of new residents in the last decade; unfortunately, the street level infrastructure has not kept up. We are still living in a neighborhood built for cars and not people. We will rebuild District 6 to prioritize human life - walking, biking and usable open space. This means making more room for walking - wider sidewalks, more room for biking, dedicated bike lanes, and more room for recreation.

Housing for the Homeless

The necessary solution for homelessness is more housing. District 6 provides much of this housing, and we can provide more, but the rest of San Francisco's neighborhoods also have to do their part. San Francisco also needs better co-ordination between the agencies that deal with homelessness. This can’t be addressed by a policy change, but by old fashioned relationship building. It has to be a priority of the D6 supervisor to build strong relationships with all of the stakeholders working on homelessness.

Responsiveness to Constituents

A Supervisor's first responsibility is to be available and responsive to the needs of her constituents. Broad public policy goals are important, and District 6 residents deserve a supervisor that will be able to advocate for them within the ordinary city bureaucracy. That includes finding money to deliver traffic cops at high traffic intersections during rush hour, getting the attention of the Department of Public Works for a specific block, or helping mediate issues between residents or businesses in a way that feels fair to all parties. Please feel free to get in touch with me now; I am accessible by email at

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