"Sonja Trauss is a nationally recognized housing advocate and Co-Founder of YIMBY Action. She is running to create safer, cleaner streets, expand shelters and navigation centers, and ensure each neighborhood of the City does its part to build more housing that is affordable for all San Franciscans. Sonja lives in SOMA with her husband and son."
- London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco

"Sonja Trauss is doing the work that makes a difference for the residents of District 6. Thanks to Sonja we are on track to create desperately needed housing citywide."
- Scott Wiener, California State Senate

“Sonja is already doing the work and making a difference for the people of District 6, combating homelessness, creating more affordable housing, protecting tenants’ rights, advocating for pedestrians and bicyclists to create safe streets, and exploring policies to reduce commercial vacancies that will provide residents a mix of local serving businesses.”
- David Chiu, California State Assembly

“I believe Sonja can tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the city like more housing, mental health services and public safety. Sonja has already demonstrated the ability to think creatively and make a real difference in our housing policies.”
- Fiona Ma, Member, Board of Equalization

“Sonja has been an essential voice advocating for more housing and transportation choices for a diverse, multi-generational, and inclusive San Francisco. She will be an important voice on the Board of Supervisors, and I hope you'll join me in supporting her.”
- Adrian Fine, Palo Alto City Council Member
Assessor Recorder Carmen Chu*
Supervisor Ahsha Safai*
San Francisco Sheriff Vicki Hennessy*

Labor Unions and Community Organizations

“As the the co-founder of YIMBY Action, Sonja’s incredible organizing, energy and dedication to ending our housing shortage has grown our organization into the 3rd largest political group in the Bay Area. Sonja is committed to building more housing across the city, make real progress in the city’s ability to create new homes for all San Franciscans.”
- Laura Clark, Executive Director

SEIU Local 2015

Laborers Local 261

United Democratic Club

Edwin M. Lee Asian Pacific Democratic Club*
Lower Polk Business Collaborative*
San Francisco Municipal Executives Association*
Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club*
Chinese American Democratic Club
Brownie Mary Democratic Club
City Democratic Club*
San Francisco Association of REALTORS®*
San Francisco Police Officers Association*
Home Sharers Democratic Club

District 6 Community Members

“Sonja Trauss is the driving force behind the YIMBY movement and I have no doubt she will do more than anyone else to correct the Bay Area’s history of urban short-sightedness. ”
- Issi Romem

“I have known Sonja for nearly twenty years, from when she started as a bike messenger and a window washer. I’ve seen her grow, working as a math teacher and as a community organizer. More recently, Sonja brought her passion, policy insights and compassion to create the SF Bay Area Renters' Federation, and Yimby Action, advocating for more housing because everyone deserves a home. Sonja has my vote because I know she cares about the people of our community.”
- Zac Carr

“I support Sonja because she will fight for what's right and take action until things change and a difference is made in our community. She will find solutions to problems and work with the voters in District 6. ”
- Jay Ann Leyson

“My son started kindergarten this week and it makes me think a lot about what kind of community he will be living in when he graduates from school. I believe Sonja Trauss will fight to make sure that we and our children will not have to worry that a roof over our heads is an out of reach dream.”
- Mike Cutchin

“Sonja will bring her curious intellect, her clear-eyed assessments of the status quo, her willingness to have pragmatic conversations, and her incredible energy to solving the problems of our district and our city.”
- Jon Schwark

Bobak Esfandiari
Brian Hanlon
Corey Smith
Frank Noto
Jaap Weel
Justin Su
Kyle Peacock
Laura Fingal-Surma
Max Gasner
Maelig Morvan
Michael Blume
Mike Safyan
Myrna Cozen
Peter Ashley
Rebecca Firestone
Rebecca Peacock
Steven Buss
Susan Ashley
Victoria Fierce


*Indicates dual endorsement with Christine Johnson. All titles are for identification purposes only. 

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