California State Senator Scott Wiener endorses Sonja

"I support Sonja. She's played a key role in launching and growing the pro-housing movement, and she will help San Francisco move to a positive housing future," said Senator Scott Wiener.

Thanks to the SF Business Times for a great article (but unfortunately behind a paywall) on Scott's endorsement and Sonja's plans for a more compassionate and welcoming District 6.

We need to find a better solution for the district's nearly four thousand homeless than tent cities that are completely overlooked by city services. Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep, sanitation, and clean streets. This is what Sonja had to say:

"I’m not condoning tent cities, because our tent cities today are a mess. Our tent cities today are totally devoid of services. They are unsupervised. They are dangerous. That is unacceptable," she said. "My proposal is to end those conditions and have new, different conditions. Conditions where you have sanitation, you have places for people to live that aren’t in the way of other people. That’s a huge problem that they’re in the sidewalks and in the streets, where people are trying to walk."

A greener, more livable District 6 also means a district with more room for pedestrians (and less for cars); less blight from empty retail storefronts at ground level; and better protections for renters.

Join us at our first Candidate Open House (RSVP on Facebook) on Monday, July 24th, to get to know Sonja in person and share your thoughts on how to make our district better for everyone who lives here.

We can’t win this election without your help!

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