Sonja for Supervisor 2018

Sonja for Supervisor 2018

Hi! I’m Sonja Trauss, 

I’m running for District 6 supervisor because our district needs an effective advocate at City Hall who will address our district’s biggest issues. 

Learn more about my plans here.

Sonja Named to Politico’s Top 50 to Watch List

Housing costs have bedeviled cities and towns for years, but the problem is fast becoming a crisis—especially in places driving America’s economic growth, like San Francisco and Boston. Since 2011, home prices nationwide have risen more than twice as fast as household incomes. When taxpayers have to subsidize rents just so city employees can live where they work and Facebook starts getting into the homebuilding business, something isn’t right.

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    Endorsements for Local and Statewide Ballot Props

    If you haven’t voted yet, you might be interested in what I think about some of the ballot measures we will be voting on. 


    Yes on A
    No on B
    Yes on C
    No on D
    Yes on E


    Yes on 1
    Yes on 2
    No on 5
    No on 6
    Yes on 7
    Yes on 10
    No on 11
    Yes on 12
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