"Sonja Trauss is doing the work that makes a difference for the residents of District 6. Thanks to Sonja we are on track to create desperately needed housing citywide."
- Scott Wiener, California State Senate

“Sonja is already doing the work and making a difference for the people of District 6, combating homelessness, creating more affordable housing, protecting tenants’ rights, advocating for pedestrians and bicyclists to create safe streets, and exploring policies to reduce commercial vacancies that will provide residents a mix of local serving businesses.”
- David Chiu, California State Assembly

“I believe Sonja can tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the city like more housing, mental health services and public safety. Sonja has already demonstrated the ability to think creatively and make a real difference in our housing policies.”
- Fiona Ma, Member, Board of Equalization

“As the the co-founder of YIMBY Action, Sonja’s incredible organizing, energy and dedication to ending our housing shortage has grown our organization into the 3rd largest political group in the Bay Area. Sonja is committed to building more housing across the city, make real progress in the city’s ability to create new homes for all San Franciscans.”
- Laura Clark, Executive Director

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