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Hi! I’m Sonja Trauss, 

I’m running for election in November 2018 to represent District 6 on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors.

I’m committed to converting our car-centric South of Market neighborhoods to people-centric neighborhoods, and preserving the Tenderloin as SF's most economically diverse neighborhood.

San Francisco has long been a place of opportunity and of refuge: a livable, welcoming city with unique values and commitments.

Whether you’ve been here for generations or you’re just starting a new stage of your life, my pledge is to advocate for you and your needs in the spirit of our city -- humanity, tolerance, openness, and respect.

I hope you'll join our campaign - I look forward to seeing you out in the neighborhood!

Sonja Named to Politico’s Top 50 to Watch List

Housing costs have bedeviled cities and towns for years, but the problem is fast becoming a crisis—especially in places driving America’s economic growth, like San Francisco and Boston. Since 2011, home prices nationwide have risen more than twice as fast as household incomes. When taxpayers have to subsidize rents just so city employees can live where they work and Facebook starts getting into the homebuilding business, something isn’t right.

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    Ending the Encampment Crisis by creating Safe Organized Spaces

    Every night in San Francisco 3,134 people sleep outside. This is not an accident, it is not a situation that is beyond our control. SF City government has institutionalized homeless encampments by sending unhoused residents to the streets from Navigation Centers, shelters, and hospitals; and by not building enough housing.

    Currently, the city spends $29.3 million per year managing and responding to our encampment crisis. $20.6 million for police response to encampments and $8.7 million for Department of Public Works (DPW) in clean up costs.

    We have to do better.

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